Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sunshine & Disappointments

Yesterday was a perfect spring day. After several mornings of rainy, snowy, cold weather, we woke up to sunshine and mid-50s. It was clear we needed to make the most of it, especially being Earth Day. After running a few errands, we filled the day with outdoor activities, appreciating everything the environment had to offer us. Sticks and rocks and dirt are nature's toys, and the children had a blast creating stories around everything they could find on the ground. Other than my morning step aerobics, the TV remained off and there was a strict no-Wii policy in place. We followed our perfect day with an evening round of front yard soccer and some food cooked on the grill. It was joyous and what we needed after a bit of a stressful week. We all went to bed tired, feeling confident in what had been accomplished.

Today has been a completely different day, filled with unstable weather and a bit of a downing mood. Yesterday morning left us hopeful for a great day, but today has been dark and cold, with a few surprising disappointments. Even the optimist in me is striking out at every turn. It's unfortunate when holidays come with heartbreak and the best laid plans don't happen as expected. The children feel the effects, as well, and as a parent, it becomes difficult to keep them upbeat. In addition to looming questions, this Easter weekend has my family split in two, with my husband and son on a road trip, and my daughter and I home alone. We also received a phone call bringing bad news regarding a summer vacation we've enjoyed for the past 7 years. It's hard to get past all that and still feel hopeful, even with my inner optimist chiming, telling me otherwise. All I can really do, today, is remind myself that tomorrow is another day.

Yesterday was a great day.

Tomorrow could be a great day.

Tomorrow IS another day.

No matter how much you try to make a day a good day, some days are just bad days. That's just the way it is. Tomorrow is another day.

And, at the very last moment of this blog, fate stepped in with a little sunshine. It didn't stay for very long, but it was there. :-)

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