Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Many Poses of Dani

My 5 yr old daughter, Dani has a talent for knowing exactly where the camera is at all times. This has spurred many a pose. Even my sneakiest attempts to catch her in a "natural" state most often fail, as I look back at the photos, to find she's managed some sort of face or strange arm gesture. In her mind, she's a top fashion model, strutting her stuff before a room full of photographers and executives. A good pose is essential and she's determined to try every possible combination of moves, to get that one, great shot. While I'm sure there's some attempt to copy something she's seen, before, the resulting poses end up unique, in true Dani style.

Though some poses are a 1 time thing, others have become favorites of her's, requiring them to be appropriately named.

The Chicken Pose
A recent favorite - chicken-like arm position & outward chest.

Disco Dani
best done while wearing sunglasses

Rock On
fist in the air & wave it like you just don't care

Surprise Face

Side Pose
variation of the Chicken Pose

The Sweetheart
squinty eyes & clasped hands

Advanced Yoga Pose
involves odd & painful looking leg positions

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