Monday, June 13, 2011

Projects - Progression of a Playhouse #1

What We Ordered - A Kit To Build This:

What We Received (4/21):

After a month long delay, due to heavy rains...

Began Construction (5/21):

On May 26th, 2011 severe thunderstorms swept through the region, producing tornado type winds.

The 1st Storm Moving In:

The playhouse and several trees went down...

Assessing the Damage (5/27):

On 5/29, Vin and neighbor, Cliff righted the playhouse frame and repaired the damage. 2x4s were added to the cracked support posts and sunk in to the ground, for added stability. Ripped out screws were replaced, bolts were tightened, and the frame was leveled.

Back to Work - A slightly torqued, but level frame (5/30):

Vin helps with the lower part of the roof and dormer, since I'm not fond of ladders:

The Kids Move In (6/6):

Added a Pulley and Bucket:

[Swing Set to Follow]

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