Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Kindergarten Trip to Echo

On Wednesday, I acted as chaperone for David's Kindergarten field trip to the Echo aquarium in Burlington. It's a great little museum and the day was perfect for enjoying the beauty of the lake. Though many of the concepts within the museum were over David's head, he had a blast with all of the hands on activities made for his age level. The only downfall being in a school group is that it was a bit rushed for David. While he wanted to spend time looking at everything there, most of his classmates were zipping from spot to spot, forcing him to try and stay with his assigned group. At one point, I was just short of running to keep up with them. We're already planning a trip there, this summer, so both children can have the experience and really look at the exhibits.

I included a few pictures of the flooding, down there. It was quite amazing to see how high the water is, right now, considering it has actually come down a foot. The museum back lawn and part of the patio area are still under water.

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