Thursday, September 15, 2011

10 Small Victories

Having done the dieting roller coaster and on a much more reasonable pace, now, I've learned to appreciate the small stuff when it comes to weight loss. It's those things that keep me going and fuel my goal of a healthy lifestyle. So, each week, I try to think of 10 small victories and keep track of them. They have amazing power when written down and available for reference. I use them as fuel and to combat some of the negative aspects, such as those I stated in my earlier post, "The Ugly Side of Weight Loss."

My 10 Small Victories, this Week:

1) I can wrap a bath towel all the way around me and give it a generous tucking in.

2) 3 people who didn't know I was trying to lose weight told me I look good, this week.

3) I can do Jillian Michaels - 30 Day Shred, without pain.

4) Water tastes way better than Soda.

5) I can fold 3 baskets full of clean clothes without sitting down.

6) I don't need that 3rd cup of coffee. A good morning workout works just as well.

7) I have no desire to watch tv. I can't sit long enough to watch an entire show.

8) 3 Miles - Not so hard.

9) The smell of McDonald's makes me nauseous.

10) And, It now takes me 3 meals to finish 1 lunch meal from the local Chinese food place.

Simple and a tad bit silly, I find these things very satisfying. Small victories are my way of reminding myself that the process is worthwhile, no matter how slow things seem to be going.


  1. Congrats! Such positive victories :)

  2. Nothing silly about these things. I recognize many of them and am glad you share them!

  3. Thanks. It's amazing the little you notice that someone who hasn't ever dealt w/a weight issue would take for granted. The bath towel thing was huge for me. :-)