Monday, September 5, 2011

A Day in the Life of Soda the Cat - A "How To" Guide


Step 1 - Wait in hallway for owner's bedroom door to open.

Step 2 - Sneak in to owner's room.

Step 3 - Jump on bed and clean self repeatedly until owner kicks you out, forcing owner to get out of bed.

Step 4 - Beg to go out.

Step 5
- Refuse to go out, because it's raining.

Step 6 - Repeat Steps 4 and 5 at each outside door until convinced it's raining out all of them.

Step 7 - Return to original door and beg to go out.

Step 8
- Go out, walk around for 5 min. Beg to come back in.

Step 9 - Dry self on owner's pant leg.*

Step 10
- Eat.

Step 11 - Repeat Steps 4 through 10 at least 2x.

Step 12
- Nap on some books.

Step 13
- Sit next to full food bowl, but beg for treats, instead. Follow owner around room, until you get treats.

Step 14 - See Step 11.

Step 15 - Hunt for bugs on windows.

Step 16 - Nap on shelf in owner's closet. Push owner's clothing on to the floor 1st, to free up space.

Step 17 - Eat.

Step 18
- See Step 14.

Step 19 - Repeat Steps 4-18 until dark, alternating nap location.

Step 20 - Sleep in hallway.

At dawn, return to Step 1.

*Be sure to clean self in between each Step.


  1. So true isn't it! Love the last picture of Soda. She really is just so cute you can't possibly be mad at her!

  2. She lucked out in retaining her kitten size & relative cuteness. And, she definitely knows how to work it. (Sound like a certain other little girl you know? lol)

  3. So cute!

    (It's me Mary L.)